Their classes ended. Your education doesn’t have to.

Continue your career training at Everest.

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Programs, program lengths and program schedules vary by campus and by state. Everest College, Institute, and University are part of Zenith Education Group.

Continue your career training at Everest.

Your time at Heritage College may have ended but that doesn’t mean your education needs to. Everest gladly welcomes former Heritage students interested in career training.

You could complete one of our diploma programs in as little as 10 months, or even sooner with the Heritage credits you’ve already earned that may transfer to Everest.* We help students reach their educational goals and make school affordable in a number of ways, including tuition reductions, institutional grants and scholarships.^ To learn more, fill out the form or call us at (888) 573-8434 today.

*Award of transfer credits is assessed individually based on course content, grades, credit age, number of credits, and applicability to Everest program. Some credits may not be transferred.

^Financial aid available for those who qualify.

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